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About Us


Hi there! We are Eliza and Dave and we have a small homestead in East Tn. We are focused on ancestral skills including soap making, raising sheep, spinning yarn, and more. We started making our own soap to have control over what ingredients were in it. Over the course of our journey, we discovered tallow soap-one of the traditional staples on the American homestead. With a lot of experimentation and patience, we have what we think is the perfect soap. Our soap is made primarily from beef tallow that we render ourselves. We add just a little bit of coconut oil to help get the perfect amount of lather. We source the beef fat from local small farms. All scents are from essential oils only. We use no fragrance oils or other chemicals in our soap. A high super fat level, along with retained glycerin makes our soap very moisturizing and non-irritating for sensitive skin. We hope you like it as much as we do! Recently, when looking for our ideal sunscreen, we reallized the need for a tallow-based mineral sunscreen and decided to make our own. No chemical sunblocks and no seed oils!

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Tallow soap
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